How are points awarded?
Posted by: Dan, November 5 2011

Hey guys,

Part of what makes NinjaMadness.Com unique is that we offer a ranking system called Points, which provides a ranking for registered players on NinjaMadness.Com

So how are points awarded?

Playing a game: 2 Points

Posting a comment: 10 Points

Reporting a game: 15 Points

Rating a game: 5 Points

Referring a user: 50 Points

There are fraud checks in place to ensure that people are not cheating the system. 



NinjaMadness LOVES you!
Posted by: Dan, September 10 2011

Hey guys,

Well it has been a while since we posted a blog about what we are doing here at NinjaMadness - But let me tell you its been a busy summer! And we have lined up, for you, over the next few months a few AWESOME games that are going to keep you hooked.

But, as always, if you find a game that you really like - And would like us to have it - then please let us know! NinjaMadness is growing, and without you that would not have been possible - so thank you and keep up the hard work.



We will be down from 2130 GMT
Posted by: Dan, June 9 2011

Hey guys,

Just to make you aware - We will down down for about 30 minutes from 2130 GMT. Many of the features that we will be adding will be rolled out in the coming months.

Always looking for comments on how we can improve!



#1 UPDATE: We have completed the update, if you spot any errors please let us know!

New Games Added
Posted by: Dan, June 9 2011

Hey guys,

We've just added some new games - I hope you enjoy playing them. Send us a message if you see any other games on the web that you'd like to us to get. 

Posted by: Dan, April 29 2011

We just want to apologise for the downtime we had today - Sadly our host was the victim of a Denial of Service attack which took out the whole data centre. Sorry for any gaming inconvenience!

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